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Live Edit - view and edit documents in innoecos with Microsoft 365

Presentations, text documents and tables (in .pptx, .docx and .xlsx formats) can now be viewed and edited directly in innoecos using Live Edit:



  1. Open with Office on the web: the new functionality is available via the Office symbols in the "Type" column or via the details view. The file will automatically open in a new browser tab.

    *You can access the details view via the last symbol in the table or via the link in the upload notification


  2. Edit document: click on the "Edit" button in the top menu (on the right under your user name).

    *Edit the document as usual in Office on the web. Working together is also possible here.


  3. Save document and exit: all changes are saved automatically. To exit, please click on "File" / "Exit".


  4. Download and lock file: downloads the latest version of a document and locks editing for other users. Can only be unlocked again by the person who has locked it.


Note: A Microsoft 365 account is required for editing.

You will be automatically directed to the login if you are not logged in. The innoecos user's email address and that of the Microsoft user must be identical.