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App settings:

Frequently asked questions

Manage registration and account

Login and registration

Please click on Log in in the top right corner and on Create Account in the lower area of ​​the dialog. Please fill out the registration form completely. You will receive an email with which you can activate your account.

Forgot password, account locked, change password

Forgot password: please click on the "here" in the "forgot your password" line at the bottom of the login screen. Please enter your email address below to receive an email with a link to set a new password. (Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive an email.)
account is locked: Please contact your portal admin. You received the contact information in an email (subject: access blocked).
Change password: You can access this function via your profile (click on profile picture / placeholder picture in the top menu) and then under login data.

Deleting an account

You can delete your account in the profile under login data.


Fix problems with a portal page

Portal page is not displayed correctly

If a page of the portal does not work as expected, please try to:

  • reload the page (Ctrl + F5 on Windows, Command + R on Mac)
  • clear the browser cache (Edge (new) link, Firefox link, Chrome link, Safari: clear history + history or install developer tools + clear cache memory)
  • delete the browser cookies or open the page in an anonymous / incognito window
  • open the page with a different browser
  • open other pages (e.g. https://www.inno-focus.com) to check that your internet connection and browser are basically working
  • Deactivate plug-ins in your browser as a test


Access denied

Are you logged in to the portal, i.e. do you see a profile picture in the top right corner? If not, please log in to see protected content. If this doesn't work, please try leaving feedback. You can find the feedback form at the bottom of the page.


Contact support

Please use the form at the bottom of the page of the portal you are using.

Update of the menu structure (January 2021)


In January 2021, the innoecos menu will be structurally adjusted and modernized to make it more intuitive.

1. Top menu


The three previous navigation entries in the top menu (typically Home, Groups, Community) are summarized in a burger menu on the far left (with the lines). Depending on the context and authorization, group settings can also be found there. Next to this navigation is the plus menu, which can be used to easily add new contacts, groups or apps depending on the context and authorization. In the middle is the logo of the respective portal, which, depending on the setting, leads to the start page when clicked. On the right you will find the link to help, the magnifying glass symbol for the search and the profile menu with the picture and a menu structure. The language setting can be found in bilingual portals before logging in or registering at the left next to the plus, after logging in in the profile menu.

2. Group menu

The group menu, with actions for the current group, is now included in the other menus:

  • Messages to groups are possible via the plus menu.
  • Applying for group membership can also be achieved via a group message.
  • Configure groups can be reached via the top menu on the far left.
  • Leave group can be reached via the profile menu / groups.

3. App menu

The app menu has been redesigned so that the app's icon and text are next to each other and have more space. Additional apps in the group can be displayed with the left and right arrows, and all apps can be displayed with the down arrow. Group administrators can access the app settings via a context menu when hovering (hold the mouse pointer over the app name).

web conference via calendar

The innecos calendar app can be activated in each group. In order to schedule a new web conference (for audio, video and screen transmission), it must be embedded in the respective appointment. To do this, the corresponding option must be ticked in the processing mask for the appointment.

Invited group members can participate in the web conference via their profile calendar or the group calendar as soon as a moderator has opened the conference. The administrators and moderators of the group are automatically selected as moderators of the web conference.

No software needs to be installed to use the web conference; inno-focus recommends using Google Chrome, Chromium or Microsoft Edge (based on Chrome) to make the best possible use of the microphone, camera and screen sharing. Bluetooth headsets should be connected before starting.


Additional hints:


Bandwidth: Each participant can configure his (outgoing) video resolution via “quality settings” (accessible via the three dots at the bottom right). When using the “Activate background blurring” function, the current software version may result in delays in image transmission.


Anonymous participation: If the innoecos role concept is not to be used, the link to the web conference can also be distributed via email or Outlook invitation. If the read access rights of the calendar app are set to “public without an account”, participants can use the web conference without logging into the portal. To increase security, it is recommended to set a conference password (group members do not have to specify the password).


Troubleshooting for the Firefox browser, when microphone, headset or camera are not visible:

  • Enter the Firefox config editor by typing about:config in the URL bar (in a new tab)
  • Proceed despite the warning message that will come up.
  • Enter "media.setsinkid.enabled" in the search field at the top of the page.
  • Double click on the entry so that the boolean value switches from "default" or "false" to "true".
  • That's it. You can close the config tab. 

what's new for me? Dashboard

The dashboard shows at a glance what is new for users in the portal:

  • New contacts and contact requests
  • New messages from people and groups
  • News from the groups (e.g. new documents or comments)
  • my calendar (with appointments from all groups)
  • the essential profile settings at a glance
  • my groups (in which the user is a member)

The dashboard can be reached via the menu at the top right under "Profile".
The dashboard can be adjusted via the Settings app, i.e. in which order the sections are displayed (or not at all). Some sections can be displayed wider or longer.

Live Edit - view and edit documents in innoecos with Microsoft 365

Presentations, text documents and tables (in .pptx, .docx and .xlsx formats) can now be viewed and edited directly in innoecos using Live Edit:



  1. Open with Office on the web: the new functionality is available via the Office symbols in the "Type" column or via the details view. The file will automatically open in a new browser tab.

    *You can access the details view via the last symbol in the table or via the link in the upload notification


  2. Edit document: click on the "Edit" button in the top menu (on the right under your user name).

    *Edit the document as usual in Office on the web. Working together is also possible here.


  3. Save document and exit: all changes are saved automatically. To exit, please click on "File" / "Exit".


  4. Download and lock file: downloads the latest version of a document and locks editing for other users. Can only be unlocked again by the person who has locked it.


Note: A Microsoft 365 account is required for editing.

You will be automatically directed to the login if you are not logged in. The innoecos user's email address and that of the Microsoft user must be identical.

Groups as group members, group relationships (starting May 2021)

Groups can now be accepted as group members in addition to persons.

These can be assigned the known roles of "group member", "moderator" or "administrator".


The members of the included groups "inherit" the roles / access rights from this group. Admin rights are required to add a group.


Effects for users of groups:
As a member of a group, you have the same rights as a person who is included in a group. This corresponds roughly to the previous concept of trust groups, but you will also receive group notifications and group messages.


Effects for groups and portal admins:

  • The administration of many users and groups is simplified. Instead of recording a large number of users individually, it is sufficient to record the group. Especially when users leave or authorizations change, this only needs to be maintained in the group and not at the individual level.


    The "Admin" role can now be assigned to a group. This means that it is no longer necessary to appoint one or more people individually as admin. If an admin leaves, he / she only needs to be removed as a user from the admin group; new or additional admins can also be given the correct rights by adding an action.


  • Trusted groups can only be displayed by default. Where necessary, the previous behavior can be reactivated by the Portal Admin, e.g. to work with the "Group Invite by Competency" app
  • Groups as group members work in a similar way to previous trust groups. However, the groups receive the same rights as people as group members, i.e. read and possibly write rights are already set for all apps. App authorizations (read and write rights in one app, only read rights in another) can still be used.
  • The “connected user” role is obsolete. Migrated trusted groups get the state "follower" on the group level, and have the same (limited) rights as before.
  • The functionality of main and subgroups, that only members who are also members of the main group can be included in the subgroup is no longer applicable.
  • The group relation for the Geo Map and the group relationship app are obsolete. The Geo Map app can now manage group relationships for its containing group.

E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen abschalten / Häufigkeit ändern

Die Nutzer_innen des Portals können in ihren Profileinstellungen hier die E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen vollständig abstellen und die Häufigkeit der Zusammenfassung der Benachrichtungen ändern.

Wird "E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen erhalten" deaktiviert, werden keine E-Mails mehr an den/die Nutzer_in versandt (außer zu "Passwort vergessen").


Die "Zusammenfassung der Benachrichtungen" lässt sich auf "keine", "täglich" (Standardeinstellung/ Zustellung wie bisher) oder "wöchentlich" einstellen. Die wöchentliche Zusammenfassung wird ab Aktivierung wöchentlich ausgespielt.